Four Year Blogiversary & Thank You Post

Hey Everyone!

I am back from hiatus, and have had a lovely little reminder to say that I have been blogging for 4 years! As many of you know, blogging isn’t an easy gig. I have always found it quite ironic that a large quantity of book lovers prefer to watch booktube over reading blog posts, and I think it is probably something that I am still trying to grapple with. There was one point where I thought I would give booktubing a go, however I just didn’t have the time or resources, and I still absolutely hate seeing and hearing myself on camera. I also say “umm” and “like” waaaaay too much, so my videos always required alot of editing.

So, I would like to say thank you to every single one of you who has read, liked, commented and shared my posts. It always means so much to know that someone is reading the stuff I write, and it makes me feel more encouraged to continue blogging. I have also made some lovely friends through blogging who continue to inspire me every day, and I therefore thought I would say some thank you’s to them!!! You will have to bear with me as there are quite a few to get through, but just remember that if you aren’t in my thank you’s, it doesn’t mean that I am not thankful to you, because I appreciate the hell out of you!!!


(ALSO please make sure you check out their blogs!!!!!!)

  • Megan @ bookslayerReads – argh this one makes me super teary so I thought I would start with Megan. She was one of my first followers and was quite literally one of the loveliest people. She always lifted other bloggers up and was so welcoming to the book and blogging community, and learning that she had passed was a hard blow. RIP Megan, I miss you xx
  • The Orangutan Librarian – You have commented the most on my blog posts, and you always have such wonderful, unique blog posts. You always reply to comments, which I absolutely love, and every time I see your posts I feel happy πŸ™‚ THANK YOU xx
  • Laura @ thebookcorps – You are quite literally one of my favourite human beings and bloggers. You have always been incredibly supportive and you are such a beautiful person, and I look up to you so much because your blog is so freaking awesome. I don’t think I can say enough about you, I love you and thank you xx
  • Jenn @ Jenniely – You are the reason why I feel proud when I look at my blog. You did such a wonderful job on my blog logo, which I will forever be thankful for. You are also just such a wonderful, supportive blogger and so many people in the book community love and respect you. Thank you xx
  • Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books – I remember the first time I saw your blog posts and I thought “this person is so fucking awesome” and I immediately wanted to be your friend. You have always been so supportive and lovely, and I love that I can rant with you. I love your blog, and I love you, thank you xx
  • Amanda @ Literary Weaponry – I feel sad that you live in a different country to me because I feel like we would hang out and have a little book club if we lived near each other 😦 You have been such a wonderful support and you have been such a lovely friend to me. I love your blog and your reading tastes, and I just think you are fucking swell. Thank you xx
  • Sakhile @ Sakhile Whispers – I just think that you are such a wonderful, beautiful person, and your blog is just so freaking lovely (I truly mean that). You are such a supportive blogger, not just to me but others, and I appreciate the absolute hell out of you. Thank you xx
  • Ash @ Wild Heart Reads – I am going to completely embarrass myself here, but you are someone I really look up to. Your blog is fucking awesome, you are into awesome books and shows, and I literally always feel so excited for you when you get ARC’s of books you are dying to read. You continue to inspire me to keep blogging and you make me excited about reading and BL dramas. Thank you xx
  • Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles – You have been such a wonderful friend to me ever since we met, and I really just love and admire you. You have been so supportive and someone I really look up to in the book community, and I honestly just think you are an all round awesome person. Thank you xx

I would also like to thank the following lovely bloggers who always comment and like my posts and/or have shown support in other ways:

Michaela @ Journey into Books

Sophie @ Blame Chocolate

Sahi @ My World of Books

Luna @ Bookish Luna

Sofii @ A book. A thought.

Misty @ Misty’s Book Space

Kay @ Hammock of Books

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is love-heart.png

Like I said at the start, just because your name isn’t on here doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your support. Thank you for making my blogging experience worthwhile and your ongoing support, it means so much to me.

Steff xx

24 thoughts on “Four Year Blogiversary & Thank You Post”

  1. Happy Blogiversary!! Four years is amazing! I’ve always thought it’s ironic that book lovers like book tube more too haha I just prefer reading to watching… and that includes books > movies and book blogs > booktube!! Thanks so much for mentioning me, this made my day ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much lovely!!! I know what you mean hey, it’s so strange that people are happy to put effort into watching a video about books but would rather not read a blog about books, it just makes no sense!! No worries at all, and than you for your support πŸ™‚


  2. this made me teary oh my god β™₯ you are such a lovely person Steffy, I’m so honored to be mentioned here and I hope I can continue to make good content for my blog because I don’t want to disappoint you β™₯
    i still remember Megan although I only knew her for a few months and we never talked aside from a few blog comments, it’s still really hard to think about 😦 I think it’s lovely that you mentioned her first, it will always be hard not to get closure when someone who’s online leaves us.
    Happy anniversary my friend, I love you and your blog, I’m so happy we found each other β™₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my love. I don’t think I can even explain how much love I have for you as well as your blog, your friendship and support means so much xx


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