My Top 10 Spotify Songs from 2019

I did a post similar to this last year so thought I would do one again, seeing as music is one of my loves. If I remember correctly, I actually got the idea from Laura @thebookcorps because she comes up with all the amazing posts. Checkity check out her amaaaazing blog, you won’t be disappointed!

So 2019 was all about show tunes and pop music. I remember back in the day, admitting to liking pop music was extremely uncool. If you said that you loved Hillary Duff’s “So Yesterday” you would have been laughed at, and you Never admitted to liking Britney Spears, it was practically social suicide. I no longer care about shit like that, mostly because that was in highschool and I have grown since then, but also there are some fucking amazing pop songs.

I have gone off my Spotify Wrapped list, so these are all the songs I listened to the most in 2019:

1. Hamilton (the Soundtrack)

If you love musicals and haven’t yet listened to this soundtrack, I implore you to do so straight away. I would recommend starting from the start and working your way through as if you are listening to an audiobook, and then listen to it 100 more times for good measure.

2. Pynk – Janelle Monae

I am obsessed with this song and everything that it stands for. I personally think that Janelle Monae is a fucking genius, and a bisexual ICON. Honestly, listen to her music and tell me you hate it. I dare you.

3. Handmade Heaven – Marina

Getting past my anger and disappointment that Marina missed Australia AGAIN, I absolutely love this song and pretty much every other song on her Love + Fear album. Unfortunately, this album was probably her least popular, with alot of listeners saying that it lacked what Electra Heart had, but I personally loved most of the songs on Love + Fear even if some of the lyrics were a little bit cringey. Handmade Heaven, however, is absolutely flawless. Her vocals, the music and the lyrics are gorgeous, and the film clip has some stunning visuals. This is a song that makes me Feel.

4. Popular Song – Mika & Ariana Grande

This song came out a few years ago, but it is still a song that makes me feel excited straight away. In 2019, I practically listened to this song on repeat. Whenever someone was putting music on, I got them to add this song to the playlist. I even got my sister playing it to her baby hahaha.

5. Mother’s Daughter – Miley Cyrus

I used to be a Miley stan, but over the last couple of years I have become disenchanted with her music and her as an individual. I always loved the way she didn’t care and wore some of the most ridiculous shit. Alot of people didn’t like her Bangerz era, but I think that was one of her best. These days I think she is just confused about who she is, and I feel like she doesn’t stand for the same things anymore. Despite my feelings about her, I loved Mother’s Daughter, as well as the music video.

6. Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Dear lord, this song injects me with LIFE. I absolutely fucking love this song, and love how the lyrics make me feel. Tay Tay is a wonderful storyteller, and this song is no exception. Oh, and the bit where she screams “he looks up grinning like a devil”?!?!? Fucking goosebumps.

7. Run the Road – Santigold

I have been a fan of Santigold for about 8 years now, and I think she is another brilliant artist who doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Run the Road is one of those songs that you can envision playing at 3am, and I feel like it has a bit of a haunted vibe going on. I was super excited when this song was used in the HBO show Euphoria, because more people need to listen to this wonderful artist.

8. Rewrite the Stars (The Greatest Show Soundtrack) – Zac Efron and Zendaya

In my opinion the Greatest Showman was incredibly overhyped. I didn’t really like the characters, I found the plot to be pretty boring and the songs are pretty average. In saying that, this is one of the songs that I actually do like, and therefore played it over and over again. Zac Efron and Zendaya singing together is just gorgeous, which is so unfair considering they are both ridiculously good looking and talented.

9. I won’t say (I’m in Love) (Hercules Soundtrack)

I have been singing this song FOR YEARS but last year apparently I listened to it more than usual. I have no issues with this, because this song is awesome and it is definitely one of my favourite Disney songs.

10. Confess – Jack River

I can’t even express how much I love this song. There are times where I listen to this song on repeat, because it’s one of those songs that I just don’t want to end. I came across this song one morning when I had Rage on (a music video show) and I instantly fell in love. It’s heartbreaking and gives me ALL THE FEELS. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, please make it a priority!

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

I thought I would also add this in, because apparently I listened to this podcast for 52 hours in 2019, and I have been hooked on it since the first episode. Morbid Podcast is run by Alaina and Ash, who have a passion for true crime. The amount of research they put into each case is awesome, and I love their banter and how they can be funny while delivering pretty heavy case matter. If you love true crime and have been looking for a new podcast, I highly recommend you give these lovely ladies a go!

Click here for info on where you can listen to them!

morbid podcast

line break

I hope you enjoyed my list of songs that I listened to in 2019! What did you listen to in 2019? If you have recommendations, let me know! I am always looking for new things to listen to, so welcome suggestions.

Steff xx








7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Spotify Songs from 2019”

  1. I had completely forgotten about Popular Song, it’s now stuck in my head hahah. I loved Mother’s Daughter, too! And “Alot of people didn’t like her Bangerz era, but I think that was one of her best.” – I so agree!!

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    1. Hahaha yeah Popular Song is ridiculously catchy. Oh I am glad you agree about the Bangerz era, I honestly think that that was when Miley was the most “herself” than she has ever been. That album was so freaking good, I literally listened to it on repeat for a whole year haha. Thank you so much for reading/commenting on my post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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